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Checking for Lice at HomePediculus humanus capitis is a condition that causes relentless itching and even pain for some who are the victims of an infestation.  If you suffer from head lice or have a child with the condition, we provide mobile service to those in Atlantic City and surrounding areas.  The Center for Lice Control also provides safe removal services to schools and camps in the area, treatment that does not involve the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides – and guaranteed to work!


Anyone can be affected by this condition, whether an adult or child.  Children and teens are more susceptible due to the fact they are frequently in crowded environments with others their age such as school, sports activities, summer camp, etc.  We provide a proven, effective solution that works, in the privacy of your home.  Our technicians are certified, trained, and insured so you can have peace of mind knowing a professional will eradicate those pesky bugs once and for all!  We use a natural lice removal process involving non-toxic, safe KaPOW! products and a professional comb-out that eliminates not only the lice, but their nits (eggs) as well.  In most cases you can expect the treatment to take about an hour, depending on hair thickness/length and severity of infestation.


If you have ever used OTC or prescription products to get rid of head lice in the past, you know the hassle and stress associated with these products, which are not as effective as they once were.  Many require several applications, but the biggest concern for many parents is using pesticides on their child.  At the Center for Lice Control our non-chemical solutions are the most effective available today, and completely safe.  Our patented KaPOW! products have been proven effective and are a vital part of our process.  Put an end to the uncomfortable itching now!  We invite those in the Atlantic City area to contact us today at 610-624-2390.



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