100% Safe and Non-Toxic Nit Removal



Schedule an AppointmentHaving a pediculus humanus capitis infestation is certainly nothing new, but it is just as frustrating as ever and extremely uncomfortable/itchy for those who have it.  At the Center for Lice Control, we rely on non-chemical solutions to eradicate those itchy bugs and their nits.  If you live in Baltimore or are a camp or school in the area, we invite you to learn more about how to get rid of lice using our KaPOW! products, and about our mobile service.


Our trained, certified technicians come to your home for your convenience, any time day or night.  When you spot a louse in your hair or your child’s, the first thing you want to do is stop the problem in its tracks, before it gets worse.  Our head lice treatment is guaranteed, and super safe unlike some of the products you find in retail stores that may contain pesticides.  When you want safe head lice removal that is proven effective, that’s our specialty!


We provide natural lice treatment using our KaPOW! products whether you want our professionals to perform the process or prefer to do it yourself.  Our products contain no harsh chemicals or pesticides; however, they are even more effective than traditional OTC products.  When we come to your home, it typically takes about an hour to complete treatment depending on hair thickness/length and how severe the infestation is.


If your child or teen has nits or eggs or you are a school or camp in the Baltimore area in need of head checks to prevent or contain an infestation, count on the Center for Lice Control to get rid of head lice and educate you regarding the use of our super-effective products should you need them in the future.  Call us to schedule an appointment today at 610-364-5615.



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