Lice & Halloween Corona Style

staying safe on halloween

Halloween this year comes with the same recommendations for trick or treaters but with several new additions due to the Coronavirus. In over 14 years of being a professional Nitpicker, it’s typical we see a rise in head lice cases throughout the fall and a peak between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Children that contract lice during the summer spread it to their friends when they return to school in the fall. By Halloween, those few cases of lice become outbreaks, and then lice notices are sent home from school.

The good news is lice should be less of an issue this year for Halloweener’s. Kids that did go to summer camp or in-person to school are kept at a safe social distance. It’s also important to mention that lice do not fly or jump and over 90% of lice cases come from direct head to head contact. Understanding this, it’s much less likely to get lice right now. However, people do and they’re spreading it to the people they are closest to. 

The usual lice warnings during Halloween are: Don’t share masks, wigs or hats,
Don’t share hairbrushes, Do combing head checks a few days before and after Halloween for peace of mind. In this blog post, I’ll share some tips for having a lice-free and covid safe Halloween.


Safe Ways to Trick or Treat

If you do decide to go trick-or-treating here are some recommendations I collected from the CDC

Make sure to wear a cotton or disposable face mask under the costume. Hint: Superheroes wear face masks and so many great ones to choose from.

  • If you paint on a Covid facemask make sure the paint is non-toxic and safe to breathe in!
  • If your community is trick-or-treating, stay with your family or friends you’re quarantining with. If you’re going around with other friends and neighbors, keep a safe distance and always wear your facemask.
  • Remember the usual costume checklist, make sure you can see out of the mask, there’s nothing long enough to trip over, reflecting tape on a dark costume, and carry a flashlight.


If your family decision is to not trick-or-treat or it’s not safe in your community this is the perfect opportunity to get creative, make fun memories, and maybe start new family traditions. Have a family Halloween party with games like bobbing for apples or have a Halloween themed scavenger hunt. There are many activities you can do at home so that you can have a memorable and safe Halloween with your family.

Creative Ways to Hand Out Candy

Handing out candy this Halloween is as unique as everything else and beckons a call for even more creativity. If you’re handing out candy this year, here are a few ideas I saw that were interesting:

  • Make bags of candy and set them up on a table or bench distanced so when the trick-or-treaters arrive they can safely take a treat bag.
  • Decorate a candy shoot made of a PVC pipe that’s 6ft long x 3” in diameter and decorate with Halloween decorations. When trick-or-treaters arrive at your house you can deliver their treats from a safe distance though your candy shoot
  • Spooky Halloween zip line to deliver your Halloween treats. If you have trees or a porch you can connect string and eye hooks to create a zip line with a chip clip dressed up as a ghost at the end. When trick-or-treaters arrive you can send them their treats via a ziplining ghost.

As we learn to live with Coronavirus if we make the simplest adjustments to celebrating Halloween safely with our family and friends then we have a great opportunity to make this Halloween really special and memorable. Whatever you do this Halloween, have a blast! And remember to do Halloween head checks to make sure lice do not surprise and haunt you this year. To answer any of your questions pertaining to lice visit the Center For Lice Control FAQ page. You may also visit our website for other lice treatment information or lice treatment products. Call our lice control hotline anytime with questions or schedule a head check (610) 324-5661


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