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Schedule an AppointmentAt the Center for Lice Control, we know what ‘bugs’ you – and a louse infestation is a real nuisance, not to mention uncomfortable and even painful.  Those looking for lice solutions in Philadelphia and surrounding areas can rely on our non chemical treatment to get rid of those pesky, itchy buggers for good, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Because we are a mobile service, you don’t have to take the time to go to a salon; we come to you!


Many of the traditional products found in stores to remove nits in past years have become ineffective as lice have become immune to the ingredients.  Not only that, most of these products contain pesticides!  Parents are looking for safe solutions that are effective, convenient, and not potentially dangerous for their children or family members.  Our KaPOW! products offer a natural lice treatment takes on average about one hour, and the results are guaranteed.  We understand you want a treatment solution so you and your child can get on with life and go back to school.  Our products are safe, natural, and non-toxic, yet highly effective.


Many parents find themselves wondering how to get rid of lice, and an infestation in one or more family members can be stressful.  Why go through the hassle when we can eradicate nits and take care of the clean up?  We not only provide natural nit removal services to residents in the Philadelphia area, but camps and schools as well.  Our trained, certified technicians are dedicated to getting rid of those pesky bugs and their eggs in a way that is safe, comfortable, effective, and quick!  For amazing results, we invite you to contact the Center for Lice Control today at 610-624-2390.



Please help us end lice outbreaks forever. We're launching an Indiegogo campaign to help fund our newly designed kits that will help families in need throughout the country. 
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