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Checking for Lice at HomeAre you a parent in the Pottstown area with a family member suffering from pediculus humanus capitis?  Perhaps there is an outbreak of head lice in your school or camp.  At the Center for Lice Control, we provide safe nit removal solutions using a process that involves the use of our non-toxic KaPOW! products and special comb-out technique.  As a mobile service provider, you never have to worry about making the time to visit a clinic or relying on potentially dangerous products found in many retail stores.  We come to you and are available 24/7!  Our natural treatment is guaranteed, and our professional, certified technicians dedicated to enlightening you regarding how to get rid of those itching, pesky bugs.


Unfortunately, infestations are just as common as ever – perhaps even more so given the popularity of taking “selfies,” a practice in which kids and teens often take photos of themselves using cell phones for sharing on social media.  Why is this a problem?  In many of these photos the participants’ heads are touching, and that’s all it takes.  We strongly believe in non-chemical head lice solutions rather than using ineffective products that often contain insecticides!  Many of the products that were once effective produce dismal results today, as head lice have developed an immunity to the active ingredients.


The CLC provides head checks on your entire family as well as at area schools and camps.  When you want to get rid of lice as quickly and safely as possible, nothing compares to our proven process and KaPOW! products.  Our technicians also provide a customized follow-up plan so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing those pesky critters are gone for good.  We invite those in Pottstown and surrounding areas in search of natural lice removal to contact us now at 610-557-1844.



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