Non-Toxic Solution for Lice and Nit Removal in Pennsylvania



Head Check YouTube VideoPediculus humanus capitis is a condition any member of the family may be susceptible to, especially children and teens.  At the Center for Lice Control, our mobile treatment professionals provide Wayne residents with relief from the itching, uncomfortable condition without the use of pesticides and harsh chemicals.  In fact, our non-chemical head lice removal process is guaranteed!  We come to your home so you can enjoy the privacy and convenience, and we also cater to schools and camps.


You may notice a louse in your child’s hair, which is something very concerning for parents.  This condition is as prevalent today as it was decades ago; considering children and teens are constantly in crowded environments and the ease in which head lice are spread, it isn’t surprising that so many are affected.  Of course, the continued use of Permethrin based products, which we know do not work, also leads to sustained outbreaks The practice of taking selfies contributes to the likelihood of an infestation, as children/teens often touch heads in these photos.  Our safe head lice removal process involves the use of natural, non-toxic products and a thorough, professional comb out performed by certified, trained technicians.


Unlike prescriptions and over-the-counter pesticide or chemical products, our KaPOW! Lice Attack Treatment solution involves no pesticides or potentially dangerous chemicals.  You can be confident that following treatment, all nits and eggs are removed so you can get on with life.  If your child or teen is a victim, he or she can go back to school the same day!  With traditional products used to get rid of lice, the results were not always what you expected – and the process is messy, often requiring labor intensive repeat applications.  If you have noticed a louse on your own or your child’s hair, take action today and experience relief immediately.  We urge Wayne residents and those in surrounding areas to contact the CLC at 610-557-1844.



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