CLC Professional Lice Treatment Kit

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Keep a Center for Lice Control Professional Lice Treatment Kit

on-hand at all times and you’ll have everything you need to ward off and defeat lice. Your kit includes everything used by the professional lice technicians at the Center for Lice Control Treatment Salon. The Lice Treatment Kit handles 3 to 8 treatments and includes:

  • Lice Attack Solution (1– 8oz bottle),
  • 1 Nit Remover Comb,
  • Combing Spray (1–2 oz bottle),
  • 1 regular comb,
  • 2 hair clips,
  • paper towels,
  • easy to follow head check, treatment, and prevention instructions in English and Spanish.

We guarantee it’s 100% safe and effective.

This process is a scientific approach to quickly ending the life cycle of lice. See usage guide on the side of the bottle. Normal usage requires approximately 1-2 oz per treatment.

No excessive combing needed. 

Also available from Amazon.


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1 review for CLC Professional Lice Treatment Kit

  1. matsongroup

    We purchased the full lice battle kit when our 6-year old daughter came home with her first case of lice. Treatment was not fun but totally effective. We also know about six other families that have used Kapow! and it’s been effective for everyone. Once you get the pack you really only need the lice attack if it every happens again. We just keep that on hand now.

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