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We have several videos that will walk you through using our products. These easy-to-follow videos will help you get through this and say at the end, “That wasn’t so bad!”

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How to Apply Lice Attack Solution

After this first treatment of Lice Attack Solution, you’ll no longer be contagious. This will end your lice infestation – even super lice!

Apply Lice Attack Solution to dry, tangle-free hair. Apply a thick line every 1/2″ and rub in until entire scalp is saturated, then comb through. (It’s like applying hair color to your roots.) Leave for 5 minutes. For more information, please refer to your instructions that came with the box.

How to apply to short hair

How to apply to medium to long hair

Easy For Most Hair types

The Comb Out

The Lice Attack Solution and Detangling Spray make most hair types easier to comb out and easier to remove nits. See video below for how to do a comb out for short or long hair.

Be sure to run the Nit Remover Comb from the roots to the hair ends several times in each section. Overlap the comb with every stroke so no sections are missed.

How to Comb Out Short Hair

How to Comb Out Medium to Long Hair

Do Not skip this step

Follow Up Treatment

Do two follow up treatments of the lice attack solution even if you’re not itchy or you don’t “see” anything. The two follow up treatments are perfectly timed to end the life cycle and are done just in case nits were missed in the nit removal comb-out. The follow up treatments are easy and quick and done 5-6 day apart. Watch our Combing Head Check videos for how to do a combing head check. No excessive combing is necessary. Feel free to visit our step-by-step instructions on How to Check for Lice.

Easy Lice Head Check

Lice Life Cycle

Lice Life Cycle

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