How To Check For Lice

How To Do A Lice Head Check

We strongly recommend that your follow our guide on how to check for head lice and do a preventative head check every week.  A quick head check done weekly is your best defense against an outbreak. Check regularly and you are sure to detect any infestation before other family members are affected. Whether you’re performing your weekly lice head check or you have a suspicion that lice may already be present, the process is exactly the same.

We also have a video version at the bottom of this page if you’d prefer to skip down to that.


  1. Start just after a bath or shower, so hair is damp.
  2. It’s best to use a detangler to make the head check a little easier. If you’re a former client then you probably have some additional Detangle KaPOW! Lice Defense Spray which helps keep lice at bay while also providing detangling. Spray then comb or brush all hair back (ala Elvis).
  3. Use a nit comb remover flat against the head at the root of the hair. Comb all hair straight back from close to the scalp, down to the ends. Wipe comb on the white paper towel every 5 strokes to check for nits/lice. Comb the whole head. Mature lice should be pretty obvious if you find them, however, you need a good nit comb because the nits can be quite tiny.

For short/medium hair: Comb all hair to the right, then to the left and then from back to front. Repeat. For long hair: Part hair in center and divide into right/left sections. Pull one side into a ponytail and comb the other side. Switch sides and repeat.

If you find evidence of nits/lice there are several options for treatment. Unfortunately, over the counter treatments by big national brands are more often than not unsuccessful at treating lice. That’s because lice have mutated and these treatments no longer work.

If you’d like to treat yourself, then the best option is our guaranteed effective KaPOW! Lice Treatment Battle Kit which has everything you need to successfully treat and defeat lice. You can buy it from our website directly or at your local independent pharmacy.

If you’re on Philadelphia’s Mainline, South Jersey, or Delaware our mobile lice treatment unit can come and treat you in the comfort and privacy of your own home or visit our newest salon location in Havertown, PA on Eagle rd. Please call to make an appointment.


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