How Do You Find Out If You Have Lice? 

Do I Have Lice?

If you’re waiting for someone to get itchy you’ve waited too long when it comes to head lice. With that said, not everyone is itchy from lice but by the time someone is itchy from lice it’s usually been there for a few weeks. It’s important to understand how most cases of lice start.  The majority of head lice cases come from head-to-head contact from hugs, playtime, snuggles, posing for pictures and sharing brushes. You don’t get lice from a hotel room, public seating, the forest, from sand or dirt, or items in a classroom.  You get lice from direct contact with someone that has it.  So how do you know if you have lice?

Keep Lice Away

Perform a Head Check with a Lice Comb

The best way to check is with a professional grade metal nit comb. To do a combing check, you comb wet detangled hair with a nit comb, keep the comb close to the scalp and comb down then wipe the comb on a paper towel. Everyone has dandruff but that’s usually white and disappears on the white paper towel. If you see nits on the paper towel you have a case of lice. Nits are uniform in shape and show up on a white paper towel. If something is moving or crawling across the paper towel then there’s another confirmation that you have lice. We recommend doing a combing head check every other week until your child goes to college.

Perform a Visual Head Check

Another way to check for head lice is with a visual head check. Inspecting for lice with your eyes is much more difficult to find a case of lice in the early stages but if you check more often you’ll eventually find lice or nits if they are there.

To do a visual head check you want to check dry hair, under good lighting.  Part hair every inch and inspect the hair from the scalp to about 2” on the hair shaft. You’re looking for nits, which are the lice eggs. They are teardrop in shape and they are usually about ½” to an 1” on a hair shaft. Nits can vary in color but if it’s stuck to the hair shaft like a grain of sand you most likely found a nit.  If you drag it off the hair and put it on a paper towel it will look brown. Since a visual head check is a harder way to detect lice we recommend doing two visual head checks per week during an outbreak or once per week if no threat is current.

If you find evidence of lice or nits you must treat. Lice will not go away by them selves. We have a nit ID program so if you find something and your not sure what your looking at you can take a picture of it and text it to our lice hotline 610-324-5661.  Check out our KaPOW lice products or to schedule an appointment with our lice service or stop in to our new Center for Lice Control Salon located at 68 W. Eagle Road, Havertown, PA 19083.


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