How Do You Keep Lice From Coming Back?

How Do You Keep Lice From Coming Back?

Unfortunately, many lice treatments do not work for various reasons. In many lice products, including the biggest national brands the main ingredient is no longer effective. In most cases it’s not that lice came back but that the lice eggs (nits) were never fully eradicated. This not only means you have lice again a week later but you are also putting friends and family at risk. The second challenge is that while you may kill or remove all the adult lice, it can be difficult to remove all the nits and you may face lice again a week later. So how do you keep lice from coming back?

The best way to keep lice from coming back is with a good treatment product, a perfectly timed follow up schedule and a prevention plan to avoid any future lice outbreaks.

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Effective Lice Treatment – The First Treatment

An effective lice treatment is not a one and done process.  First – you have to use a quality, effective product. Many people run to the big chain pharmacy and buy the common over-the-counter treatment. These products are no longer as effective as they were years ago and these companies have no interest in really helping you solve the problem. If you have to treat over and over again, you just buy more product. These products don’t kill the bugs or the nits and the combs are lousy (pun intended). So you’re first step should be to make sure you have a modern, effective product. 

The Follow-Up Lice Treatment

This is the part that is the most frustrating for us here at the Center for Lice Control and if you only take away one thing – please note that effective lice eradication requires two treatments. Most people do so much work the first day or two, they don’t see anything, think they got it all and that they’re done.  They never do the follow up treatment 7-10 days later as instructed by the product they’re using and have lice again in a few weeks.

Lice and their nits are very difficult to see and they are designed by nature to not be found. We rely on combing to check for evidence of lice or nits but people check visually and they don’t see anything and they think they are good. Sadly this is a common problem with most lice treatments.

It takes 7-10 days for a nit to hatch and another 7-10 days for that bug to mature and lay nits the next generation of nits. Understanding the life cycle of the louse, it makes perfect sense to treat 3 times to end the louses life cycle. Make sure you treat a second and third time (remember the lifecycle) and always stock KaPOW Lice Attack Solution

Our mission at the Center for Lice Control is to control lice outbreaks.  Order KaPOW lice products, call our free hot line 610-324-5661 or stop in to our new Center for Lice Control Salon located at 68 W. Eagle Road, Havertown, PA 19083.


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