How Long Does It Take To Get Rid of Lice?

Finding lice on your child can be extremely daunting. But it only takes a few minutes to get rid of lice.
Getting Rid of lice

Getting Rid of Lice Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

As a parent, finding lice on your child can seem overwhelming. The truth is, by using an effective product and a thorough process, in 5 minutes you can get rid of lice quickly and easily without toxic chemicals or pesticides. Recognizing that lice only lay their nits (eggs) on their host’s hair and not in your house or on your stuff, the focus is treating anyone with evidence of lice or nits and not your home.

Many traditional products are no longer effective in lice elimination and the reason for the exponential rise in lice outbreaks currently. Lice have adapted and can filter out most of the OTC and prescription products today, especially the traditional products that contain Permethrin, like Rid and Nix. This is what frustrates many parents today. They follow the instructions but the lice magically reappear a day, a week or a month later.

It’s not magic. It’s the nits (baby lice eggs) that weren’t caught by the first lice treatment. If you use one of these products, then you can have problems getting all the lice out, as bugs and eggs often survive the first treatment and the OTC combs are not tight enough to remove nits or tiny baby lice or nymphs. This is the reason we developed our own line of products that are 100% effective when used as directly.

You can order them directly by visiting our lice treatment products page or buy them on Amazon. Regardless of the products used, CLC recommends treatments on days 1, 6 and 12 to follow up and get missed eggs as they hatch.

Most people feel that lice invade their house and space, but this simply isn’t true. Lice mostly live on your head, not in your house, because they require your blood to eat and your hair to lay their babies. For help cleaning read our lice house cleaning guide. When you use a good lice killing product like CLC’s, within seconds all live lice are eliminated and the infested host is no longer a risk to share lice with others.

Most people think that if you have nits (eggs) that you can share them, but it isn’t true until they hatch and grow into adults (about 10 days) then you really have a problem. Simply by completing the initial treatment and 2 perfectly timed easy follow-up solution treatments on day 6 and again on day 12, you are done with this infestation of lice. Of course, you are always at risk to get lice back from friends or family, so the CLC recommends doing combing head checks to control lice outbreaks 2 times a month until high school.

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