What Do I Do If I Have Nits, But No Lice?

In order to have nits, you had to have had an adult female lay them. But it is possible to have Nits and no lice in the very early stages of an infestation.
Lice 101

I See Nits, But No Lice?!

Well, in order to have nits (lice eggs), you had to have had an adult female lay them, as nits can’t transfer by any other method. So you had a bug at one point. A momma louse lays some nits and then often dies. However, her job is done. She layed a few nits in the perfect spot to incubate and hatch on the new host. Keep in mind, nits represent the next generation of lice and by doing a visual inspection there is no way of knowing that there are only nits with no live lice.

“It seems weird that I can have eggs (nits) but no bug. How did they get there?!?

The bugs are designed by nature to be hard to see, it is not typical but possible to just find bugs on a head and no nits. The only way to know that there are nits with no lice present at the time is by actually treating the head with an effective product that will eliminate live lice! Then, during your comb-out, you would find dead bugs or discover only the eggs. You can do a thorough combing head check on wet hair and still not find any lice because they often run from your combing. So if we do a combing head check on someone and we find only nits we know that there must have been an adult female louse there within the past 10 days.

We can tell how long someone has had lice from the stages of lice on their head – is it just eggs or various stages of bugs with lots of nits, or are there only nits with no lice. It is very likely to have nits and no lice in the very early stages of an infestation. It is also possible to have leftover nits from a prior infestation. Those would be old and not viable but with no real way to tell the difference to new nits. In this case, it’s always best to assume it’s from a new exposure and treat it with a non-toxic product like CLC’s Lice Attack Solution.

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